aam 715 Bivano in affitto, Via Osanna Brindisi-SML FLAT

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Property ID : aam 715

RENCENTLY RENTED €500.00 - Appartamenti / Apartments

aam 715 Bivano in affitto, Via Osanna Brindisi-SML FLAT

aam 715 Bivano in affitto, Via Osanna Brindisi-SML FLAT TO RENT, Bivano in affitto, composta da ingresso, grande salone, cucina abitabile, un bagno ed una camera da letto, 2 balconi ed un posto auto. Per SOLO TRASFERTISTI per periodi da 12 a 24 mesi. Very nice small appartment, half way between brindisi town centre and Casale, it has a car space and enables you to walk to town in 5 mins. or drive to the first main highway or the United Nations in 5 minutes also. One bedroom and one bathroom home, but includes lots of veranda space and also inside the spaces are not small.

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