aam768 Appartamento Centro Brindisi-Best One Bedroom Flat/Modern at the moment

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Property ID : aam 768

For Rent-Affitasi €700.00 - Appartamenti / Apartments

aam 768 Appartamento Centro Brindisi-One Bedroom New Flat

aam 768 Appartamento Centro Brindisi-One Bedroom Brand New Flat. Completely refurbished with new furniture, very modern, and in the a great city position, close to the centre shops, also easy exit for the outer areas,   shopping malls and highways. Composta da ingresso/salone, una camera da letto, un bagno e cucina abitabile, il tutto con mobili nuovi. PER SOLO TRASFERTISTI . Great new one bedroom/one bathroom flat/apartment, minutes walk from the city to the Casale area by small boat. Completely furnished with new furniture and air conditioned.  Best modern flat to choose at the moment in the Brindisi Centre.

30 euros for the condominium fees


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