A View of Italy

A View of Italy


VIEW OF ITALY INTRODUCTION- general info guide to Brindisi/Puglia

Welcome to Brindisi! Becoming familiar with our services,culture and places of worship.

View of Italy
ITALY! Finaly you are here! A wide range of cultures, traditions, dialects, cuisines and lifestyles.
Italy is a modern, industrialized nation. Generally speaking the Italian economy is driven by small and medium size companies. Some of these companies are presently developing a high-technology-oriented production in order to compete with the ever increasing competition from low-cost production countries in Asia. Known worldwide mainly for its exports of fashion, food, luxury vehicles and motor yachts, Italy today also exports motor vehicles, aerospace and defence technology, chemicals, petrochemicals and electrical goods.
Tourism is another driving force behind the Italian economy. Italy is the fifth major tourist destination in the world: its 8000-kilometre-long coastline and its mountains run the country’s length from the Alps right down to Sicily, which is just off the North African coast. The beauty of the Italy’s landscape is only a part of the country’s wealth, it also has more classified historical monuments than any country in the world, a cultural and artistic legacy totally unrivalled.
This country cannot be visited in a hurry. Italy’s most well-known cities – Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and Milan – keep less of the Mediterranean lifestyle most foreigners expect to find: life doesn’t grind to a halt in the middle of the day for a siesta if you are stuck in a traffic jam or imprisoned in a full bus. These cities have a high cost of living: rents, utilities, hotels, good-quality clothing are expensive.
Italians are helpful people in general and are unpredictable at times, they keep you waiting but then surprise you with the quality of their service. They place great importance on friendship, often combining it with good food. At times their behaviour will frustrate you, and the only choice you have is to accept them for what they are, because you’ll never change them. Their lifestyle is still very family-oriented. Religion still dominates people’s lives and even those who don’t attend church regularly, take part in the hundreds of local festivals in which you can bet that at least one Saint is being celebrated.
Driving around most Italian cities can be a bit nerve racking. You must get used to the fact that other drivers most of the time will not respect the distance that should be left between one car and another while driving and some have the bad habit of double parking. At times you might get the impression that drivers drive as they wish, but Italian traffic regulations and signs comply with the European standard. The penalties for traffic violations are very high. On toll motorways the speed limit is 130 km/h, on toll-free highways 90 km/h and in urban areas 50 km/h.
Diversity in climate shape the Italian countryside. In winter in some areas of northern and central Italy one will shiver with the cold, whereas in southern regions the climate can be much milder. In July and August temperatures can rise to 40 degrees all over the country.
Italian Republic in brief
Climate: predominantly Mediterranean; Alpine in far north; hot, dry in south.
Terrain: mostly rugged and mountainous; some plains, coastal lowlands
Religion: Roman Catholic 90%, other 10% includes Protestant, Jewish and Muslim communities.


There are numerous web sites that can inform you about this city’s and region’s rich
history or its geographical position but in this section we are presenting you a different, insiders view to this very special part of Italy – the heel. It is known as Puglia in Italian or Apulia in English and two seas surround its coasts: Adriatic and Ionian. This ancient land is slowly but firmly emerging as “one of hidden European gems well worth exploring in every sense”.
The curious architectural attraction that you will see only in Puglia is the trullo. Whitewashed cones made of stones are the unique widely used type of dwelling or storage. They are at their most picturesque when clustered together in the hundreds, to form a town, the most famous of them being Alberobello.
Lecce, one of Italy’s loveliest cities is hidden in the south of Puglia. Rarely visited by
foreign travellers, it is a home to Italy’s most extravagant variation on the baroque, called
barocco leccese. If you are craving the big city buzz, go to Bari, the city of Saint Nicholas. You can visit Castello Svevo, beautiful churches or museums and galleries, spend the night in the recently reopened Petruzzelli Theatre (said to be one of the grandest opera houses in Italy after La Scala in Milan and the San Carlo Theatre in Naples), or simply go shopping (city centre of Bari is said to be the largest shopping centre in all of Italy!). There is the most fascinating (and mysterious!) castle in Europe – Castel de Monte. It was built in 13th century; it is famed for its octagonal shape and the eight 25-metre octagonal towers that line its exterior. It has neither a moat nor a drawbridge and might in fact never have been intended as a defensive fortress. Some say it was a hunting lodge or just a folly idea. However, today it is protected as a World Heritage Site. Visit Grottaglie with its ceramics quarter, its numerous workshops specializing in majolica ware.
This is the region still very loyal to old traditions. There is year round calendar of the colourful festivals and pageants held throughout the region.
The beaches of Puglia are stunning! Don’t take our word for it – just Google a bit!
Each year, Apulia is visited by a staggering array of exotic birds. Hundreds of animal
species live in its protected woodlands, not forgetting one of Europe’s largest forests in
Gargano National Park, the 24 000-acre Umbra Forest. In fact, there are two National
Parks, eleven Regional Parks, three Marine Protected Areas and twenty-four Nature
Reserves! The triangular area between Bari, Taranto and Lecce boasts of four 18-hole golf courses, all in one hour driving radius!
Trains and buses are quite reliable means of public transportation. The train stations are
normally situated in the middle of towns and cities so you don’t have to worry about
parking! The fastest and often most economical way to explore further beyond borders remains the combination of air-travel and car rental at destination. Websites indicate the many destinations in Italy and Europe served by flights from Brindisi and Bari airports. Car and passenger ferries from Brindisi and Bari cover popular destinations in the Mediterranean: Montenegro, Croatia, Greece, Crete, Albania and Turkey.
After all of these activities, you must eat! Puglia’s cuisine, one of Italy’s most traditional, is based on a wide variety of local fruit and vegetables. Not surprising as vast areas of the
region are covered with olive groves, fields of artichoke, fennel, aubergine/eggplant,
tomatoes, chicory and “cime di rape”. Chickpeas, broad beans, celery and garlic are also widely used in Pugliese cuisine.
Local flour is used in pasta production, including the famous orecchiette (“little ears”) and cavatelli. Pasta al forno, a baked pasta dish, is very popular and was historically a Sunday dish.
The bread in Puglia features in many shapes and forms and is widely enjoyed. There is a
little city called Altamura, notably the city with the best bread in Italy, which forced its local McDonald’s branch out of business! It happened in Brindisi city as well! McDonald’s is now only open at the Auchan Mall in Mesagne.
Homemade dough is also used for baking the most delicious street-style food: calzoni
stuffed with onions, anchovies, capers and olives; fried panzerotti with mozzarella, also called “fritta”, simple focaccia with tomatoes, or pucca with olives.
Meat dishes include lamb, pork, beef and often horse meat, considered something of a
local delicacy.
Fresh fish and seafood are widely available and often eaten raw, especially sea urchins and mussels. Perhaps the most popular seafood dish is the oven-baked Riso, patate e cozze (rice, with potatoes and mussels), you have to try this!
The Puglia region has a range of notable wines including Negroamaro, Sangiovese and
Malvasia. The most prominent of all is Primitivo. If you have specific food requirements, check out the “Food and Dining Section”


If your medical condition requires immediate medical assistance, go to Hospital Perrino,
Pronto Soccorso, Strada Statale, 7 per Mesagne, or if not possible, call 118 for an
Ambulance. For minor emergencies in evenings (from 8 pm) and week-ends you can go to the Guardia Medica at Ospedale Di Summa, Piazza di Summa, or call 0831 52 00 89 for a house visit.

The 3 main health facilities in Brindisi are:
Ospedale Perrino (public general hospital) – This hospital has a fully equipped E.R. Department Strada Statale per Mesagne 7 Switchboard Tel: 0831 537111
Ospedale A. Di Summa
Piazza di Summa,- Vaccination centre for children (free for all)
– Night consultations for minor medical conditions, especially paediatrics. – Guardia medica (Tel: 0831 520089)
Salus Clinic (private clinic) Via Appia 351 Tel: 0831 581505

Dr. Nimis (female; linked to Bari Hospital) Via Appia 281, Brindisi Tel: 0831 512120
Dr. Gismondi (linked to Salus Clinic) Via Appia 351, Brindisi Tel: 0831 581505
Dr. Argentieri , 3477355525
Dr. Tramacera Via Duomo 3 Tel: 0831 527890
Dr. Mattei and Dr. De Robertis (does house calls) Via Dalmazia 43 Tel: 0831 517471
Dr. Rosati (has a specialization in cardio-pediatrics) Via Dalmazia 21 Tel: 0831 431755
Dr. Barbara Formato (does some consultations at the UNLB clinic) Via Centauro 4
Cell: 349 5300127Night consultations for minor medical conditions – Ospedale A. Di Summa Piazza di Summa – Guardia Medica Tel: 0831 520089
Dr. Roberto Bottrugno 3492507363 Casale, very close to the ferry boat on the Casale side. Via XV Novembre.
Dr. Roberto Placella Via Castromediano 31, Casale Tel: 0831 413297
Dr. Alessandro Corso Vico de Florenzia 2, Centro Tel: 0831 526622
Centro Dentistico – San Lorenzo Via Giovanni Castromediano, 31/D, Casale, Brindisi Tel: 0831 413297
Dr Ruari Donald British Chartered Counselling Psychologist (registered with the UK Health Professions
Council) Via Europa 4, Lecce Tel: 0832 277675 Cell: 346 5182377 Email: ruari.donald@gmail.com
For laboratories, no appointments needed – Usual opening hours are from 8.00 – 10.00 hrs Casale
Via Andrea Bafile 37 Tel: 0831 412181
Laboratorio Mardighian in Mesagne Tel: 0831 771763
Ospedale A. Di Summa Piazza di Summa
Salus Clinic Via Appia 351 Tel: 0831 581505
Studio Radiologico (X-rays, Mammography) Via Dalmazia 21 Tel: 0831 588506
Like all the other shops, pharmacies in Brindisi are open daily, closed during the lunch
break. However, night/weekend/holiday duty is covered on rotation basis. The best way
to find out which one is open is to go to the nearest one. Every pharmacy has a notice
board, which clearly informs you of the name and address of the one on duty.

Brindisi offers a wide range of sport/recreational facilities so you can pick any kind of
activity that suits you. Apart from basketball, football/soccer and tennis club, there are
rugby and American football clubs; various martial arts courses for children and adults, as well as self-defence courses. Join numerous fitness/Pilates clubs or fully equipped gyms. There are several ballet or modern dance studios, as well as countless Latin dances schools. Since Brindisi is a coastal town, there are sailing clubs, kite-surfing (in the summer) or scuba diving courses. There are 3 public indoor swimming pools with courses for babies, swimming classes for children or grown-ups, and an aquagym for adults. Puglia has National Parks, Marine Protected Areas and Nature Reserves – perfect for hiking, cycling or horseback riding. http://www.parks.it/regione.puglia/Eindex.php
Bozzano Swimming pool Via Germania 23, Bozzano area (next to Poste Italiane) Brindisiwww.sottosoprabrindisi.it
Piscina “Mari Misti” Via Ligabue, Sant’Elia, Brindisi Cell: 393 9311321, 393 9306390
If you are not interested in doing any courses, you can enrol to Nuoto libero. There are different times during the week available with various prices. There is an enrolment fee of 30E per year and you will have to visit your GP to obtain a Certificate of Health.
Basketball courses for kids (boys & girls) from 5 to 14 years old. Also available are courses for teenagers (14 years & up) who are NOT beginners. (The basketball court/5-a-side soccer court can be rented for private groups’ training/matches)
Tensostatico di Bozzano Via Fra` Vito Caffariello (Bozzano area), Brindisi Cell: 339 5206001
Circolo Tennis – Courses for children and adults (8 outdoor tennis courts, 2 indoor tennis courts, 1 indoor basketball court convertible to 3 badminton courts/ aerobics floor, gym with exercise machines and weights, beach volleyball, synthetic grass football,
billiard tables, coffee shop and restaurant) Via Ciciriello 1, Brindisi Tel: 0831 555453
Palestra Scuola Elementare 2º Circolo Didattico Via dei Mille, 5 Brindisi Website: http://www.tennistavolobrindisi.it/Tel. 0831 515222 Cell: 328 6715549
In Lecce there is an American Football Team (16 – 45 years old players) and a Flag
Football Team (10 – 16 years old) www.salentodragons.it (Team website) www.cif9.com (League Website)
Ginnastica la Rosa – for girls ages 6 – 13 Contact: Barbara Spagnolo Via Pellizza Da Volpedo (Quartiere S. Elia) 72100 Brindisi Tel: 0831 524340 Cell: 3471084569
5 year olds and up Instructor: Ruxandra Nicolescu CRAL Marina, Via Dei Mille Cell: 349 4468135
Issue: November 2013 14 PSG SY 2013-14
Danza Classico-Accademica, Danza di Carattere, Modern Jazz-Art, Stretching, Hip-Hop
Via Cappuccini, 16 72100 Brindisi Tel: 0831 521160 Cell: 347 8155071 Email: sabrinatodisco.s@libero.it
Gym at the Primary School “G. CALO” Via Magaldi 16, Brindisi Website: http://www.asdpennettarosa.com/main/
Circolo Ippico Dei Pini Brindisi Road, 23 – Apani Cell: 338 1508398 (Giuseppe) Circolo Ippico Brancasi
Via Pilella 25 (coming from Bari motorway – behind S. Maria Madre della Chiesa Jaddico)
(driving on the San Vito road – just past the military base) Brindisi Tel: 0831 555889
Cell: 327 7315381 (Katia)
(San Vito Dei Normanni)
Farmhouse accommodation near Brindisi with pool, horse riding center and organic food
production. Provincial Road, 7 Old Monopoly72100 Brindisi (Italy) Tel: 0831 555990 Cell: 334 3527292
Fax: 0831 1810992 Website: http://www.incantalupi.it/ Email: info@incantalupi.net

Free tryout for children, teenagers and adults
Circolo della Vela Brindisi at the Porticciolo (Sciaia-Brindisi) from 17.00 hrs
Tel: 0831 411479 Cell: 329 6256611
Google Maps: 40.7494,17.58112 (Bowling Ostuni) Cell: 329 5656 875 (Maria) It is close to the train station.
Directions from Brindisi:
1. Head northwest towards Bari (on SS379) for 28.4 km
2. Take the exit towards Ostuni – Villanova – S. C. Fontanelle
3. Head towards Ostuni (on SP20) for almost 2 km.
4. Turn right at Via Stazione and you will see it.
They also have laser game (Q-Zar).
SS.605 San Vito dei Normanni, Mesagne Km. 5, 72019 (BR) Cell: 320 9277638
Open: Thursday to Sunday 15.00 to 20.00 hrs Website: http://pistasaraceni.jimdo.com/Email: lio_kart@libero.it
In Casale area – near the Seamen Monument
In Bozzano area – close to Viale Belgio/Via Germania
Inside Parco Caesare Braico, Via Appia, 356
Suitable for younger children; popular venues for children birthday parties
Hakuna Matata
Via G. Pessi Parvis 10, Casale, Brindisi Contact: Serena Muraglia Cell: 389 1269098
El Trenecito Via Grazia Balsamo 18/20 – Brindisi Drop-off Ludoteca After school Website: www.eltrenecitobr.it
Crazy Jungle
An indoor game centre for children: climbing walls, slides, ball pool, etc. Birthday parties
Children activities Laughter Yoga Via Podgora 19/25 (entry Via Cappuccini 66D), Brindisi
Cell: 329 0371043 or 339 7446162
Ludolandia Party Di Antonietta Calò Via Milano, 43 Grottaglie Tel: 328 6557766 Email: ludolandia2011@hotmail.it
Zoo Safari Via dello Zoosafari, 72015 Fasano (BR) Tel: 080 4414455 Website: www.zoosafari.it
Curtipetrizzilandia Via Enrico Berlinguer – 72020 Cellino San Marco (BR) Tel: 0831 618152
Website: www.curtipetrizzilandia.it
Indiana Park Strada Comunale Chiancafredda, 70013 Castellana Grotte (Ba) Tel: 080 4961410
Cell: 349 5353523 Website: http://castellana.indianapark.it/
Acquapark di Bari
Prolungamento Via Caldarola / Tangenziale Sud uscita 14/A – 70126 Bari Tel: 080 5461291
Website: http://www.acquapark.net/
Miragica Via dei Portuali, Zona ASI Maglia O 756 – 70056 Molfetta (BA) Tel: 080 3371711
Website: http://www.miragica.com/
Splash! (waterpark) Lit. S. Maria al Bagno Località Rivabella I-73014 Gallipoli (LE) Tel: 0833 273400
Email: info@splashparco.it
RENT-A-BIKE The Hitch Bike Via De Carpentieri 31, Brindisi Contact: Daniele Panessa
Tel.: 0831 1795000 Cell: 348 2261418 Email: wdm.motors@gmail.com

In Italian cinemas, films are dubbed. Occasionally, there are screenings in English.
Multiplex Cinema – Andromeda Maxicinema
Viale Bozzano, 1 Tel: 0831 546880
Website: http://www.stellafilm.com/andromeda/
Open from Mon – Sat; from 8.00 to 9.00 till 13.00 hrs; they re-open after 16.00 till 20.00 or
20.30 hrs. Retail shops are closed on Sundays; some shops are closed on Saturday
afternoon, Monday morning and Thursday morning.

Receipts/Invoice: by law, every customer is obliged take his or her receipts/invoices for
anything bought, regardless of size or type of purchase. Always ask for your receipt!
Italy has two major sales seasons, in January and July. These are end-of-season sales and
are governed by law. The “SALDI” signs announce the sales; and the shops must offer
true discounts.
Brindisi’s two main shopping centres are:
Auchan SS. 7 Appia, Zona P.I.P. Mesagne (BR) Tel: 0831 717111
Le Colonne Via SS. 7 Appia km712 Brindisi (BR) Tel: 0831 431203
Website: www.lecolonneshoppingcentre.it/
For daily fresh products, open from 8.00 hrs:
Piazza Mercato (near Corso Garibaldi and Piazza Vittoria): vegetables, fruit, flowers
and fresh fish
Viale Commenda: vegetables, fruit and fresh fish
Santa Elia neighbourhood: Thursday morning from 8.00 to 13.00 hrs; clothes (new and
second-hand), shoes, accessories, fabrics, furniture, plants, flowers, kitchen supplies,
gift items, etc.
Buy or sell all kinds of used baby and children equipment/toys/clothes in good condition:
Baby Bazaar Via Osanna 5, Brindisi
ebsite: http://brindisi.babybazar.it/homepage.php?id=1613
For furniture, domestic appliances and bric-a-brac, go to:
Il Mercantino Via Osanna
ONLINE BUY AND SELL Website: http://www.annuncipratici.it/compra-e-vendi/brindisi.d/
TOYS Toys Center Strada della Torretta 36, Paradiso Quarter, Brindisi
Sasva Via Appia 169, Brindisi
Decathlon Road to Mesagne/Taranto S.S. 7 via Appia Antica 6/A 72100 Brindisi Tel : 0831 508124
Website: http://www.decathlon.it/
Leroy & Merlin near Auchan SS. 7 Appia, Zona P.I.P. Mesagne (BR)
Brico Store Zona Commerciale, Lecce, near Mongolfiera Shopping Centre
Conforama Fasano
Ikea Via Caduti del Lavoro, 3/5 70126 Bari-Mungivacca (BA)
Motorway Exit:13B Open: every day Mon – Sun from 10.00-21.00 hrs; Fri from 10.00-22.00 hrs
Website: http://www.ikea.com/it/it/store/bari
NEWSPAPERS/BOOKS It is a little difficult to find children books in English in
Puglia, but QSI has regular monthly book orders with
Scholastic. You can order your books from a catalogue.
For adults, you will often find some titles in
English/Spanish/French/German in the bookshop at the
Airport “Papola-Casale” and the little news agent in Via
Amena, at the end of Corso Garibaldi, near Stazione
Maritima. They also have a selection of newspapers and magazines in foreign languages.
There are two bookshops selling a selection of books in foreign languages in Lecce: LIBERRIMA, Corte dei Cicala 1 MONDADORI, Piazza Sant’Oronzo
Just recently, Amazon created its site in Italy (Amazon.it), so now it is possible to order
some books in foreign languages. No delivery fee for purchases over 19 Euro. If you pay
9.99 Euro per year, you get free delivery without a minimum purchase.
If you prefer to do your orders in English, then log on to Amazon.co.uk. If your order is
over £ 25 (it is British!), you are eligible for free postage delivery. Just make sure that
during checkout procedure, a free postage delivery option is selected.
There are also Amazon.fr (French), Amazon.es (Spanish) and Amazon.de (German)
available, with charges in Euro. You can still order from US sites but be aware that there
might be Customs charges.
La Piccola Bottega di Naturalia Via Carmine, 77 (city center) – Brindisi Tel: 0831 568485
Open Mon – Fri 09.00-13.00 hrs / 17.00-20.00 hrs; Sat 09.00-13.00 hrs.
Organic fruits and veggies from Rene’ During the winter Rene` and Giovanna sell what’s in season and fresh and bio at their farm on Tuesdays and Fridays from 18.00 to 20.00 hrs or Saturday 9.00 to 14.00 hrs. Sometimes it’s best to call to find out what he has. During the summer, Rene’ delivers to Mamadu’ in
Casale on Wednesdays evenings. Directions: the farm is when you’re leaving Brindisi towards Taranto. Take the Sandonaci exit and turn right. Then 100m past the train crossing, his place is on the right. They call
their place Matilde and Otello. Cell: 349 0612010 (Rene’)
Supermarket Auchan (details on pg.18)
Oasi Senza Glutine Via Appia, 206 – Brindisi
Sour crème – Panna Acida or Panna Agra – is available in Auchan. Also in Fasano
Leclerc supermarket, Conforama mall. Can be found in Metro too.
Dill, fresh – Aneto – is occasionally available in Ipercoop. It is sold in small plastic
Ground almonds, hazelnuts – Lidl supermarket ( San Vito dei Normanni)
Duck – Anatra – is occasionally available in Auchan. Also in Spar, (Viale Aldo Moro,
Quark – German crème cheese – Penny supermarkets
Duck/Goose liver (foie gras) – Auchan
Sesame paste (Tahini) – Available in Auchan, in organic shop Naturalia (Brindisi)
and Asian food store in Lecce.
Molasses/Treacle – Melassa di Barbabietola da Zucchero – organic shop Naturalia
To Americans and Brits out there: if you are craving some of the flavours from home,
there is an Italian mail order site www.cibodalmondo.com where you can find some treats,
sauces or drinks hard to find in Italy or too heavy to take on the plane.
They promise 24/48 h delivery and charge € 6,90 for the postage.
Orders over € 49,90 – € 4,00 postage
Orders over € 99,00 – free of charge
Issue: November 2013 23 PSG SY 2013-14
Mostly Indian, Sri Lankan, and Filipino items but every now and then you can find some
Japanese, African and South American ingredients.
Vasan Brothers (Alimentari Orientale) Via Duca degli Abruzzi, 22 73100 Lecce
Cell: 320 1187389 and 389 5420354
Supermercato NA Trading Specialita Salumi e Formaggi (Prodotti Alimentari Esteri e Nazionali)
Viale Marche, 32 73100 Lecce Tel/Fax: 0832 344253
Halal Meat Via Antonacci 1, Lecce Cell: 389 9723334
African Cuisine (Senegalese) Hakuna Matata
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 128 BARI
Brazilian A Prazer Do Brazil
Strada Provinciale Per Villa Castelli Km 2.2, Martina Franca GPS 40.6761 N 17.3553 E Tel: 080 4800613
Cell: 338 7624755 Brasilian Restaurant; Churrascaria tipical Brasilian cusine, Brasilian staff, unique
in Puglia. Dancing shows; learn capoeira and samba!
Chinese Zhou Hou Via Colonne, 3 Brindisi Tel: 0831 525562 Cell: 338 2092351
Il Dragone D’Oro Piazza di Summa, 4 Brindisi Tel: 0831 096923 Cell: 339 7775845
Email: ildragonedoro.br@libero.it
Greek/Turkish/Middle Eastern
Taverna Myrtos Via Santa Lucia, 15 Brindisi Tel: 0831 1821556
Ellenicos Greek Restaurant Viale dell’Universita’ 87/b – Lecce Cell: 320 3176201
Greek/Turkish/Middle Eastern –
Sapori di Grecia Via Libertini 43, Lecce Cell: 393 016 3331
Gyrosteria Yannis Petite Greek restaurant in the heart of the Old city, open every day.
It is advised to book, especially on the weekend. Via Re Manfredi, 22 (Bari) Tel: 080 5283094
Cell: 335 7092737 Website: www.gyrosteriayannis.com
Shahrazàd Lebanese Restaurant Via Matarrese 42/44, BARI
Indian Ristorante India Via Melo 223 , Bari Cell: 328 8414822
Namaste India Via Nicolai Domenico 23, Bari Cell: 333 6363625
Ristorante Bar Luxmy Tipical Indian and Italian cuisine Viale Marche, 38 – Lecce Tel: 0832 1830784
Cell: 380 212078
Japanese (& Thai) Hara (Fusion & Sushi Restaurant) Via Giordano Bruno 26/28, Brindisi Tel: 0831 520064
Japanese (& Thai) – cont’d Sho Ann Japanese Restaurant Via Cesare Abba, traversa di Via Cavour
Ostuni (Ostuni) GPS 40.7288 N 17.5774 E Tel: 0831 303557 Closed on Wednesdays
Mysushi Sushi bar, take out & home delivery Via de Rossi 62, Bari Tel: 080 5282230
Shodai Japanese Restaurant Piazza Giuseppe Massari 23 (Bari) GPS 41.127 N 16.8663 E Tel. 080 5220018
Website: http://www.shodai.it
Fusion (Creative Restaurant &
Sushi Bar) Viale Ugo Foscolo, 11/13 Lecce Tel: 0832 493085
Fugu Restaurant Japanese & Thai Food Via Tito Schipa, 1 Merine (Lecce) Cell: 389 3408108 and 347 0080837
Cucina Thailandese Via Bari, 21 – LECCE Tel: 0832 396420 Cell: 329 2082274 Email: info@cucinathailandese.netWebsite:http://www.cucinathailandese.net/
Mexican Taberna Messicana Via Cesare Battisti, 9 74020 LIZZANO (Taranto) Tel: 099 955 2145
Tijuana Santa Croce – via Ghibellina 156r – Bari Tel: 055 2341330
Tex-Mex (American) Crazy Bull Café (Inside the Space Cinema Complex) Via Rosanna Benzi
Surbo, Lecce Tel : 0832 279368
Spanish Super Stone Corso Alcide De Gasperi, 10 Bari Tel. 080 5025293
Steak House Fat Moe’s Steak House L’America degli Anni ’30 Restaurant inspired by the film “Once
Upon a Time in America”. Via di Vaste 66/b (nei Pressi deiMagazzini Del Coco), Lecce
GPS 40.3563 N 18.1633 E Tel: 0832 244508
Vegetarian/Vegan Voice Cafè Vegan Bar Campi Salentina (Lecce) Cell: 328 8351282/new Vegan Rest.PzaCairoli Brindisi
There are lot of pet shops in the area where you can get everything you need for your pets.
Alternatively, you can buy online. Highly recommended sites: www.zooplus.it and
www.zooplus.co.uk. They deliver to the house and it takes about 3 days.
Some of the pet shops provide grooming for your dogs, normally by appointment only.
One of them is: Gli Amici di Kikko, and Scooby Doo, via locatelli Casale
Via Appia 238E Brindisi Contact: Manuela Cannone Cell: 347 2962804
If you want to do it yourself, there is a dog laundromat! Shower Dog Via Pastrengo 24, Brindisi Cell: 340 8194795 Website: http://aziende.virgilio.it/shower-dog-di-bozzetti-danilo
If you have to find somebody to look after your pet for some time, check this list:
“Happy Paws” Dog Kennels San Vito dei Normanni Contact: Sabrina Wright Cell: 380 7937515
Pensione Cane Via XV novembre 31 Brindisi Contact: Gianni Greco Cell: 338 9215606
For cats and small dogs, you can call Daniella, in Mesagne. Dr. Tiralosi recommends her
and many UN staff have used her services. Cell: 349 0702199.
VETERINARIANS English speaking! Dr. Pier Paulo Consoli Via Germania 83 Bozzano, Brindisi
Tel: 0831 573464
Dr. Sebastiano Tiralosi Via Materdomini 16° La Sciaia, Brindisi
Tel: 0831 412376 and for Emergencies, Lecce cat and dog hospital 0832 2309203

For minor shoe repairs, there are two little shops, both
in Commenda Quarter, not far from Sant’ Angelo
Market; one in Via Lombardia and one in Via Roma.
TAILOR/SEAMSTRESS “Maria” at the Casale laundry on Via
Ruggero Flores.
Lady in little shop in Via Seneca will do little repairs as well as make a new outfit.
For little fixes, visit shopping centre/mall Auchan.
Lavanderia in Casale does little repairs, too.
In clothes store Conbipel (near Hospital Perrino), the service is available upon request after
the purchase.
MEN’S HAIRDRESSER/BARBER “Rino” in Via Margherito da Brindisi (Casale) – Childfriendly!

Brindisi Bus Service Website: http://www.stpbrindisi.it/orari_urbani.php
Treni Italia (Italian Railway) Website: www.trenitalia.it
SEAP – Aeroporto di Puglia (Apulian Airports) Website: http://www.aeroportidipuglia.it/index.asp?idLingua=2
Airport Shuttle Service Website: http://pugliairbus.aeroportidipuglia.it/Shuttle-Bus-Puglia-Air-Bus.pdf

As a rule, Post offices are open from 08.00 to 13.30 hrs (Saturdays to 12.30 hrs) and only
two are working from 08.00 to 18.30 hrs. Please check the link for details:
Several years ago, the City Council instigated household waste to be separated in main
recyclable groups. Today, the collection runs for different City areas (Quartiere) on certain
days. There are notice boards on most frequented spots in various areas informing of the
collection timetable. Waste is to be set outside the building’s gate in the morning on the
day of the collection.
Biodegradable Waste – Brown Bins – every apartment/household has its own.
Some areas have communal BROWN skips/containers.
Paper/Cardboard – White Plastic Bags/Bin Liners
Plastic – Yellow Plastic Bags/Bin Liners
Non-Recyclable Waste – Grey Bins – every apartment/household has its own. Some
areas have communal GREEN skips/containers.
Glass And Metals – Blue Skips/Containers – street skips/containers.
Clothes/Shoes/Bags – Large Yellow Containers – street skips/containers usually
placed near glass/metal containers. These items should be clean and in usable
condition; often linked to a local charity organization.
Used Batteries – Small Gray Containers – street bins usually found near
supermarkets, pharmacies, post offices, often mounted on walls.
Bulky Waste/Garden Waste – Upon request on toll-free number 800 183640; from
Mon to Fri from 9.00 to 18.00 hrs; free of charge.
There is also a Local Amenity For Household Waste Disposal in case you have to do it
Via Nobel 12 (Zona Industriale)
Open from Mon to Sun from 8.00 to 14.00 hrs

Brindisi Expat Community – Sites with some useful information about life in Brindisi
where you can share updates, ask questions, leave comments, etc.
http://brindisiexpatcommunity.wordpress.com/ (for archived information)
Puglia Events (Brindisi)
Salento Events, such as:
Carnevale di Putignano (February)
Scorrano Light Show (July)
Yellow Pages
ANSA – Online Italian News Agency
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs